Roadtripping the South Coasts of Iceland

This October me and my wife took off to Iceland. We rented a car and headed east from Reykjavik. Here is a little photographic story of the trip.

In advance I would sincerely like to aplogize all the icelandic speakers for all the mistakes I make writing the names of all the beautiful places.

Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-10


A funny thing about Þingvellir is that you can see two tectonic plates, Eurasia and North-America, drifting apart from each other there.

Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-12-EditIslanti 2015-16.10.2015-14Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-33Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-46 Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-47Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-55After Þingvellir we headed to Geysir and Gulfoss.

Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-73Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-92Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-100


Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-105Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-125After Gulfoss we were back on the road and heading east. On our way we spotted this beautiful waterfall just by the roadside. It was called Seljalandsfoss and you were able to go around it and under the waterfall.

Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-141Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-166Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-167


Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-214

Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-199Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-200Back on the road and heading to Vik. Well, to be honest, as some of you may notive, this next one is actually shot heading to opposite direction. You may notice the hills are on the wrong side.Islanti 2015-17.10.2015-5Islanti 2015-17.10.2015-14


Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-217Islanti 2015-16.10.2015-225

Islanti 2015-17.10.2015-46Vatnajökull.


Jökulsarlon is an icy lake where blocks of ice fron Vatnajökull slowly float towards the sea.

Islanti 2015-17.10.2015-67Islanti 2015-17.10.2015-69

Islanti 2015-17.10.2015-118Islanti 2015-17.10.2015-162Islanti 2015-17.10.2015-169


Islanti 2015-18.10.2015-56

Islanti 2015-18.10.2015-39 Islanti 2015-18.10.2015-42


Since it was Sunday and not that much to do i Reykjavik, we decided to go and see the Akranes lighthouses. We had been informed that there are the most picturesque lighthouses.

Islanti 2015-18.10.2015-78 Islanti 2015-18.10.2015-81 Islanti 2015-18.10.2015-84 Islanti 2015-18.10.2015-89 Islanti 2015-18.10.2015-67 Islanti 2015-18.10.2015-113

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