Roadtripping USA: Horseshoe bend and Antelope Canyon

The Great Artworks of Nature

On our way to Zion National park, Utah, we needed to make an overnight stop so we took a map and we randomly picked a place called Page, Arizona. Knowing nothing about the place we thought we´d just take a motel somewhere and carry on in the morning. Luckily we decided to check online if there was anything to see or do. There was.

Horseshoe bend

I had seen a photo of this in many occasions many times but had no idea where this situated, so I was positively surprised to find this here in a town that was only supposed to be a quick stop over. The whole day had been sunshine from a clear blue sky, and sure enough a couple of miles before we arrive a huge sandstorm hits the town. Luckily, the storm passed in a few hours and we got to see the sunset at the bend. Here is what it looked like.

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon situated just a short drive outside the town. Since we are here, we might as well go there, we thought. Luckily we did, for we were swept off our feet of it´s beauty. It was like walking in a piece of modern art design. It is difficult to comprehend that all this was made in millions of years by wind and water.

Here are some of the shots and I must say that it was difficult to choose. Click to see them larger.


That´s all for now but stay tuned to see more life in viewfinder later.

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