Roadtripping USA: Zion National Park

Angels Landing

Our route took us to southern Utah and to Zion National Park. We had plans to do a little hike and reach the top of the Angels landing trail. I read somewhere that name was invented by the people who thought only angels could land on top of the cliff. Now I´ve done quite a few hikes  in the forests, even climbing hills, but this one definitely was one to remember.

It´s not that it was physically demanding but at times the trail was very narrow and there were no trails, only a chain to hold on every now and then but not all the way. Not to even mention the traffic up there. People were coming down as we went up and that meant either one had to jump of the narrow path at times and let the other one pass. Here´s a good video of the trail someone has shot of the climb.

Definitely an experience you should try if you are around and not afraid of heights. Here are few shot´s.

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