Roadtripping USA: Grand Canyon

The Biggest Pit There Is

The road took us to Northern Arizona so we wanted to go and see the famous Grand Canyon. In the end it´s just a huge hole in the ground but you have to admit, it is one heck of an impressive hole.


Instead of just driving there and watching the pit we wanted to do a little hike. Walking all the way to the bottom would have taken the whole day and as a matter of fact they strongly advised not to try it in one day, so we took a shorter one. As seen in the photos, the sun was burning and there was really no shade on the trail. We chose the south Kaibab trail and headed down.

We got to the first turn around, Ooh Aah point (yes, that is the name) pretty quickly so we kept on going. The second turning point was the Cedar Ridge. Perfectly aware of the fact that coming down was way easier than climbing up we decided not to go further and turned around.

When we got back up, we were actually surprised how easy it was. If you are planning a little half day hike at the canyon here´s a good tip: go as early as possible. Walking early in the morning is easier in many ways. The paths aren´t crowded and it´s just a bit cooler to walk.

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