Roadtripping Europe: The Beginning

A year ago we made a roadtrip throug the United States. This summer it´s about Europe as we are traveling around Europe for nearly two months. First off we took a car onto a ferry and sailed to Germany. The goal was to drive through Germany to Switzerland and Austria and then head to the Balkans. At the moment I am writing this in Slovenia and we´ve seen the Swiss and Austrian Alps, so the plan is going well.

I haven´t had the time to write anything about the first part of our trip, mainly because we have been on the move so much, but I finally got the time to do so. Here are just some random shots from the beginning of the trip. Nothing too special, more like a journal type thing.


Just a quick stop in Lübeck.

The boat arrived to Travemünde at night. We had a short drive to Lübeck where we had booked a room for the night. On a cloudy morning after a good night sleep we took a quick look at the city before hitting the road.

For me Lübeck seemed like a place where I could easily see myself spending a long weekend getting to know the city a bit better. But now we had something else in mind.

Lübbenau – A picturesque Little Venice of Germany

When we had arrived to Lübeck we had still been a bit undecided on whether to drive the westside of Germany (via Cologne and Heidelberg) or the east. We read somewhere that there was a small town called Lübbenau just a little bit south-east of Berlin and that it was sometimes referred to as the “Little Venice of Germany”. So, we turned our wheels towards east and hit the autobahns. For the record, I put the needle on 178 km/h.

Lübbenau – and it´s old town in particular – turned out to be a very picturesque little place.

From Lübbenau we went on to a town called Bamberg but I´ll tell you more about that on my next post.

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