Roadtripping Europe: Bamberg, Würzburg, Romantic Road and Füssen

This summer we have been roadtripping in Europe. At the moment I am writing this from Sarajevo, and hopelessly falling behind in blogging. So, here´s a little bit about our travels in southern Germany and Bavaria a couple of weeks ago.


We left Lübbenau behind and headed to Bamberg, a german city that is famous at least for it´s old town that is on the UNESCO World heritage list as well as the rauchbier (smoke beer) that has been brewed in the city for centuries. (A quick side note here: It seems that we and UNESCO listings draw us like magnets. We never plan to go somewhere to see the listing sights but seems that where ever we go there´s always one.)

We stopped in Bamberg for only one afternoon and night so we decided to concentrate on the old town that dates back to the middle ages. I had read about the old town house (Altes Rathus) that is worth seeing.

Bamberg didn´t let us down and neither did the rauchbier (not her cup of tea, said my better half ‘though). The old town was beautiful and it´s beauty was highlighted by the warm and beautiful sunny summer night we had. If you are ever in Bavaria, we highly recommend to see this place.

Airbnb in Oberaurach

It was about time to find a place to sleep. We managed to catch this absolutely amazing apartment on Airbnb (that basically cost almost next to nothing) in a town called Oberaurach just 20 minutes away. The nice lady that hosted told us that there was a brewery restaurant a few kilometers away so we thought we´d have a little evening walk.

Long story short: the brewery was closed and we ended up walking back in a raging thunderstorm and only one of us had brought a gore-tex jacket along.


From Würzburg to Füssen on the Romantic Road

So after drying our clothes and good night sleep we hit the road again. Now the road took us to Würzburg where we wanted to have a little taste of the local wines. We also wanted to drive the “Romantic road” that runs from Würzburg to Füssen. Why? Well we had read that this road and the little towns along it in particular posses in the words of the great Wikipedia “‘quintessentially German’ scenery and culture”. Yeah, we know. It´s really a marketing trick to get tourists to the area, but nevertheless sometimes in life you just need to drive a small road and see little towns, forests and meadows instead of an autobahn.

After 6 of 7 towns on the Romantic Road (from which it was surprisingly difficult to find a hotel or any kind of a bed and a pillow) we decided next morning to “take the road more travelled” and hop back onto an autobahn. It turns out sometimes in life you need the meadows and little towns but when you want to get somewhere, autobahn is a good choice. And the “somewhere” that we wanted to get to was Füssen. That was our next pit stop and we wanted to see the Neuschwanstein Castle located next to Füssen. What is that, I hear you ask. Well that Disney-like castle is what happens when a romantic imagination meets shitloads of money.

After Füssen we left Germany behind us for a while and turned our car towards Swizerland and the Alps. More on that on the next post.

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