Roadtripping Europe: Hiking in Zermatt

This summer we´ve been roadtripping around Europe. After a ferry trip from Helsinki (Finland) to Travemünde and Lübeck (Germany) we travelled through Germany and ended up in Zermatt Switzerland.

When we began our journey we had more or less a rough plan about which countries we wanted to visit and some general directions where to drive. We knew we´d drive through Germany, then along the Alps and then head to the Balkans. Of course, we had listed and put on a map a bunch (tens, maybe even a bit over a hundred) of cities, towns, sights, natural parks and hiking trails all over Europe, but we never had any intention to visit all of them. There is a certain freedom in not making too absolute plans and not booking too much ahead. If we see something nice or read about something interesting on the way, we just turn the steering wheel and change our plans. “Let´s go with the flow and see where the road takes us”, we thought.

However, this next one was on our definite list: Hiking around Zermatt and the beautiful Matterhorn.

Getting to Switzerland

So we left the beautiful Bavaria behind and drove through Austria and the spectacular Alps. The road over the Alps itself was so beautiful. We could have stopped in every little town just to stroll around and take pictures. After every peak there was another peak and the views were ever so magnificent.

The night before the drive to Switzerland we were looking for places to stay for the two nights we would be in Zermatt. A few things came up.

First of all, you can´t drive to Zermatt. The town is no cars zone (private cars) so you have to leave your car to one of the two smaller towns before Zermatt and take some other way of (public) transportation that is available. Second, it turned out after some time in Trivago and Airbnb that a roof over our heads in Zermatt would make too big of a cut to our travel budget. So we decided to take a hotel room in the tiny nearby town/village called Randa. There aren´t that many villages to choose from since Zeramatt and the nearby villages are situated in a narrow valley, so the only question you have to ask yourself is how far do you want to stay.

Anyway, this turned out to be a great decision. We got the room way cheaper and we would have had to leave the car somewhere there anyway. Also the manager of the hotel we stayed at turned out to be very helpful with everything and fixed us a taxi to Zermatt the next day even cheaper that the train tickets would have cost.

The hike

So, the next day we took the taxi to Zermatt ready to hike. We had read some travel blogs and looked at some maps and we had come up with a decision with the hiking route. We weren´t exactly sure where the track starts ‘though so we decided to ask from the tourist info. That turned out to be a very good thing because we were told that that route we had planned was actually closed at the moment. So, new plans.

In case you are planning a trip and looking for a relatively easy one day hike there, we ended up taking a monorail from Zermatt to Sunnegga (2288 m) then hiking up to Blauherd (2571 m) and Stellisee lake (2537 m), then to Grünsee lake (2300 m) via Grindjisee, then lakes Moosjisee and Leisee and last via Findelbach and Tiefenmatten back to Zermatt. As I said, realtively easy, well marked route.

This took us all day (lunch from Trangia included), the views were amazing and this was a hike we will remember for sure.

Enough chatter, here are the photos.

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