Roadtripping Europe: Time to move on (again) – From Austria to Slovenia

This summer we have been driving around Europe. This is a photographic journal of that.

After a couple of days in Innsbruck it was time to carry on and the next destination was Vienna. On the way we wanted to quickly visit Zell am See and hop over to the German side to see Berchtesgaden and see the infamous Eagle´s Nest.

Zell am See

This beautiful Austrian city is situated by the lake Zell. We only spent one night here and took our accomodation from a nearby town of Niedernsill (about 15 minutes drive from Zell am See).

A nice little evening walk in Zell am See and so far one of the more peculiar foods I´ve had: a pancake soup. You heard it! Slices of pancake in a bowl of broth.

I didn´t actually take that many photos of the city itself. Here are some photos of the beautiful lake.


From Zell am See we carried on towards Vienna. We decided to take a little detour to the German side of the border to see the infamous Eagle´s Nest (aka Kehlsteinhaus) in Berchtesgaden. Just in case you are not aware what the eagle´s nest is, it was originally built as a teahouse for Adolf Hitler. Nowadays there is a restaurant on top.

You had to take a bus ride (or walk) up the hill to get to the spot where an elevator to the actual house leaves. We decided to save some time and not to walk.


So finally, after a long drive and one night at the outskirts of the city at this lovely Croatian-Hungarian couple´s house, we arrived to Vienna. We spent one day and one night there just strolling around. As the sun began to set, the evening light at the narrow streets was just beautiful.

From Vienna it was time to move to Slovenia. We decided to stay in Bled for 3 nights and then drive to Ljubljana. I´ll write more about that the next time.

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