Roadtripping Europe: Slovenia

This summer we´ve been driving all over Europe. This is a photographic journal about that.


After Austria we steered our car towards the Balkans. First up was the beautiful Slovenia and we had Bled in our minds in particular and had planned a 3 nights stop there.

Bled is probably best known for the Lake Bled and the famous tiny church island in it. (A small island in the lake that has nothing but a church on it. Probably one of the most photographed things in Bled.) Of course, that was not all we were there to see.

We stayed in the old quarters of Bled and it was extremely cosy and beautiful. The old quarters are situated right by the lake, so if you are to travel there and looking for a place to stay, our advice is to look there. Little cafes and pubs just call you to sit down and enjoy the hot summer days and nights.

One day we took a little walk to nearby gorge called Vintgar (technically we drove to the gorge and took walked in the gorge but it´s so close to Bled that if you have the time it´s perfectly walkable distance).

Lake Bohinj

After Vintgar gorge we drove to nearby town called Ribcev Laz which is situated by another lake called Bohinj. Now this was a real treasure! Crystal clear turqoise waters and not nearly as populated as the very crowded beaches of lake Bled.

Ljubljana – the green capital

After three days around Bled and it´s surroundings we were ready to move on. Slovenia is not that big, so driving from Bled to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, didn´t take that long.

Ljubljana promotes itself as the ”green capital” and I must say, you really were able to see that ecological way of thinking all over the city. One of the first things you notice is cleanlines. There is very little (if any) trash on the streets and you see recycling bins in many street corners. One thing that strikes an eye ´though are many tags and graffitis on the walls, many of which are pure masterpieces, others something else.

But it´s not only the officials of the city who try to keep the image of an eco-friendly city up: we visited this street food festival, for example, where the sellers of food and drinks reminded us to bring back the containers to get the next drink cheaper. Way to go Ljubljana!

After Ljubljana it was time to move to Croatia. More on that later.

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